Saving /var using flashrd 1.3

Russell Sutherland russ at
Wed May 29 09:53:57 PDT 2013

I am running flashrd 1.3 and using OpenBSD 5.3. I have created a CF image
(for a Soekris 4801) and a USB image for a Intel motherboard (CV860). So
far so good. Apart from having to tweek the kernel for the wd* DMA issue
all is well.

After reading the documentation from: I was attempting to get the
system to save /var upon restart. All documentation seems to say that:

a. /var is saved by default
b. on defines the "tardirs" shell variable to indicate which directories to
save with "/var" as the default

I added:


to both:




to no effect.

I found the only way to really effect /var from being saved upon reboot is
to edit the file:


and comment out the line:


Am I mis-reading the documentation?


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