Saving /var using flashrd 1.3

Chris Cappuccio chris at
Wed May 29 22:32:10 PDT 2013

Russell Sutherland [russ at] wrote:
> After reading the documentation from:
> I was attempting to get the
> system to save /var upon restart. All documentation seems to say that:
> a. /var is saved by default

/var is only saved on shutdown if you request it...

> b. on defines the "tardirs" shell variable to indicate which directories to
> save with "/var" as the default

tardirs is only used in the creation. if the documentation is still misleading,
that's because it used to also control whether or not the directory was
re-archived on shutdown. I'll take a look at that.

> I found the only way to really effect /var from being saved upon reboot is
> to edit the file:
> /etc/rc.flashrd.sub
> and comment out the line:
> savetardirs="$tardirs"

This is correct. And this line is commented by default so you shouldn't have
to mess with it if you don't want to archive /var.

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