Looking for testers: supporting /etc as a tardir

Brian Conway bconway at rcesoftware.com
Sat Jun 20 18:27:24 PDT 2015

If anyone has the time and inclination to test (VMs are fine), I'm
working on a branch to support mounting /etc as a tardir (tmpfs),
which is non-trivial at the moment.

The value proposition here is that users can have a full read-only
system, including /flash, that is safe to pull the plug on, but still
have a writeable (and optionally saveable) /etc, /var, and /tmp.

The branch is below, and includes the amd64 boot workaround discussed
previously on the list, so it should work on both supported arches:


Check out the commit log for details of what has changed, been tested,
and caveat.

Enabling an /etc tardir is fairly straightforward. Before building an image:

1.) Edit etc/rc.flashrd.sub and remove "etc" from $vnddirs and its
corresponding "auto" entry below it. Add "etc" to $tardirs and a
corresponding size, such as 16M.
2.) Edit stand/rc and add "etc" to $etctardirs at the top. Change the
$etcsize if you chose something other than 16M.

Then build as normal. The above does not include a read-only /flash as
discussed in the opening, that's an exercise left to the user.


Brian Conway
RCE Software, LLC

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