flashrd SMP

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 17:39:56 PST 2016

Hi Guys,

This is my experience and my first post with flashrd so I apologize if
this question was asked before. I might have missed something but I
don't see an obvius way to search the mailing ist. Anyhow I just got a
little toy based on atom 2550 (4-cores) which has dual Gigabit which I
intend to use to build UTM for a small office of 10-15 people. Before I
spend little bit more money for a small SSD drive I decided to run this
thing few days of USB 2.0 stick. It seems to be doing reasonable job. I
used pre built image flashimg.amd64.pccons-20160209.gz
which can be found here


and this simple procedure 

gzip -d flashimg.i386-20120831.gz
./cfgflashrd -image flashimg.i386-20120831
./growimg -t sdX flashimg.i386-20120831

to cofigure it. The final image runs like a champ and I have no problem
adding necessary ports for UTM. However I noticed by running top that I
am not actually running SMP. As we all know network stack and PF on  5.9
is becoming SMP aware and can actually take advantage (or will in the
future) of this feature. 

Is there a way that I modify built script to built flashrd with SMP
aware kernel? 


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