flashrd SMP

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Thu Feb 18 18:45:06 PST 2016

Fred Cirera [fred at bsdhost.net] wrote:
> Hi
> When you configure your image you can use the flag -m it will select the
> bsd.mp kernel.
> On a running machine you can just move bad.mp on your root filesystem.
> # rw             Change your filesystem from read only to read write.
> # mv bsd bsd.sp  Save the current kernel.
> # mv bsd.mp bsd  Install the mp kernel.
> # ro             Change your filesystem back into real only mode.
> # reboot.
> Your system should be now running in multi processor mode.
> -fred-

Actually you don't need rw and ro, these are in /flash

cd /flash
mv bsd bsd.sp
mv bsd.mp bsd

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